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Solar panel cleaning, repairs and maintenance in Adelaide

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Get the best from your solar panels with the correct advice for cleaning and maintaining your panels from our accredited solar electricians.

Solar Fix Network is a group of  local independent Adelaide  businesses with a combined experience of over 20 years in the solar industry.

Our aim is to provide high quality service to homes and businesses throughout South Australia.

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Repairs and Maintenance

Our solar accredited electricians have had experience with pv modules and inverters from a wide range of manufacturers.

Dust, dirt, leaves, salt, animal dropping and other debris can significantly reduce your systems energy production.
Solar modules should be cleaned!

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System Design

Has your pv solar system retailer provided you with design documents?

In part these documents provide the owner with an indication as to the energy yield they can expect from their system and the consequent impact on their electricity account.

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Welcome to Solar Fix Network!

For those households and businesses that install a pv solar system it is a significant investment. It is an investment that makes us feel like we are doing our bit for the environment;  but,  it is also an investment for which we are generally seeking a financial return. If the return on this investment is to be maximised then you can not simply expect to install the system and leave it unattended from that day forth! PV Solar System performance deteriorates over time! PV Solar System modules, inverters and other components do fail! If your system is not monitored and maintained then the return on the investment will be negatively impacted.

The warranties associated with system components and installation generally extend over periods of 5 to 30 years.  These warranties can lull the system owner in to thinking all is ok! However, much like a motor vehicle there are monitoring and maintenance tasks that need to be done over the period of the warranty and the life of the system to ensure that it operates as expected.

Solar Fix Network is a group of independent businesses that have come together to pool their expertise, knowledge and abilities to deliver high quality Monitoring, Maintenance, Analysis and Repair services for Residential and Commercial pv solar installations. We work across South Australia.

If you are the owner of pv solar system and are concerned about the performance of your system, wish to have your system checked and/or serviced, or need your system repaired then please call us on (08) 8185 1552 or email

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